I created this site to help educate you on running a successful ecommerce home business. There are so many Get Rich Quick Schemes and Work From Home Scams floating around on the internet and on television that promise you the world but never follow through with telling you the truth about what it really takes.

Years ago I fell into the big dream of working from home and bought a package which promised to build me a professional website with products from one of their wholesale suppliers. Once I received this is the mail I thought I was going to easily be on my way to making a fortune. I found that the suppliers they offered me wanted monthly membership fees to sell me overpriced products that I could not sell. I tried to get them to create the website for me but their web address they gave me to create the site with was down for maintenance for over 4 months. I called their toll free number to get the help they promised me and all I ever got was a voice message system with no return phone calls. Needless to say their website was eventually shut down and I never got my money back.

I did keep the dream though and I do work from home. I found some suppliers over the internet using search engines and posted some products on eBay and built a website. This failed for me and I never really made much money with it compared to the amount of time I invested in it. Through trial and error I located all the problems I was having and finally got it right when I hooked up with a jewelry supplier a friend told me about that could offer me decent jewlery well below retail value. I wasted a lot of money on expensive web marketing companies that did not help much but I was still making some decent money.

I got a job where I grew to become the assistant training general manager over fourteen corporate owned stores and it was through this job I learned about effective marketing strategies, business stability, branding strategies, and customer service. I took these practices home with me and applied these standards to my home business and I cut my marketing costs down by over 70% and began making more money with a growing list of satisfied repeat customers.

I have helped friends of mine start their own ecommerce home business, some of which do not even use the internet to sell their products. One friend of mine has a mail order catalog he sends out to people where he gathers their names and addresses through a pinch site he made.

I am currently working on a book which is close to being complete. It is a comprehensive guide to starting an ecommerce business the right way and how to get it off the ground and turning profit.

If you have any information you would like to share, comments, suggestions, join ventures, or help just email me at: admin@sellersreference.com

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