How An Attractive Backend Can Stimulate Growth

There is no need to waste time and money to locate new customers to increase sales. Your sales can be increased easily once you apply the tricks of backend marketing to your existing sales campaigns. Backend marketing, also known as suggestive selling, is simply trying to make another sale to a customer who just bought from you.

Once you have made a sale to your customer, they are more willing to hand you even more money because they have already made the decision to spend the money and buy your product. This means they already trust your services and you have a good relationship with them. You will not have to convince them that you are a credible company and your products and information are good.

This works really well if you try to suggest a product related to the one they just bought from you.  The key is to suggest something to them that is better than what they already bought and you can mark the price up and make even higher profits.

If you have ever shopped or looked around at you will notice they keep statistics of their customers. When you select a book you are interested in or want to buy, they will show you a list of books that other customers have bought when purchasing that specific book. You will notice that the book you are looking at buying is directly related to the books they are suggesting you check out.

Not only does this bring in extra sales at no extra cost, this can help make your customers feel like you are trying to meet their needs. A good strategy I have seen is to offer a small percentage off the regular price of the item they want to buy if they buy your even better suggested item.

This is what most successful ecommerce businesses use. To simplify it, they get their customer to pay a little bit of money earning their trust and delivering a good product. They then suggest their more expensive product for higher profits, earning a bigger revenue, all at no extra cost.

Managing Yourself At Home

Working from home is great because you can work on your own time, at your own pace, and have complete control over your work load. A lot of distractions can arise when working from home though that can cause your business to have set backs and problems. You need to be able to manage yourself so your business does not suffer for many reasons.

Your spouse can come to you and ask you to do something for them or create conversation and distract you from your work. Televisions, radios and children can also slow you down or create a huge distraction for you. You need to locate yourself to work in a room in your house that has the least amount of traffic so you are not so easily disturbed.

You must set business hours for yourself and follow through with them. Creating a time log and making a list of tasks is a good way to see that you get a productive amount of tasks done each day. If you do not have much to do on a particular day force yourself to do something like cleaning up your office space, cleaning out your computer, reorganizing anything that needs to be sorted or purchasing supplies that you know you will eventually need.

If something arises that you must stop working and you have to deal with it immediately, recognize the time you lost and make it up as soon as possible. Make break times for yourself during your work period. You do not want to burn yourself out and creating break times allows you take your mind off your work for a little while.

At all costs avoid doing personal errands like the laundry or mowing the lawn when it comes time to do things that are boring grueling tasks that you don’t like to do. Force yourself to stay on task and remind yourself that you could be doing something worse for a living.

If you work a day job and have a home business as a second job you need to allocate specific work days to get smaller tasks done through the week and try working on larger tasks through the weekend.

Working from home and running a business yourself is great. You have to treat it like a real business though, and you have to treat yourself like you would expect any other business to treat you. You must keep yourself productive and limiting the distractions that surround you at home is critical to keeping yourself on task.

Marketing Strategies Defined For Women

If you sell anything online that a stereotypical woman would buy then chances are that seventy percent of your customers are either women or influenced by a woman. Women dominate shopping malls and retail outlets and the rate of woman becoming comfortable buying products online is growing. Most woman use the internet to find information about a product before they go to the mall with their friends.

Women need to be informed and feel like they have been informed before they will purchase anything. Adding a picture of a woman along side your content or around your products is not good enough. If a woman feels she has all the details and knows that your price is the best price around she is likely to make the purchase. Your website should have a sales page for each individual item explaining in detail about the item they are viewing, an article explaining the purpose of the item, images of the item in use, specifications, and any warranties the product may carry. Your thank you page should show appreciation and reassurance that you are ready to meet any needs your customers have. A good strategy to keep in touch with your customer service is to have small surveys and questions at the bottom of your thank you page asking about service and what could be better. Always get customers names, addresses, and email addresses. Keeping a customer database to promote too is not only one of the cheapest marketing strategies used today but it is essential to keeping in contact with customers and letting them know you appreciate their business and you want to them to come back. This will help ensure loyalty and trust in your company which will bring in more sales.

Some of the misconceptions businesses have about how to market to woman include using feminine colors like pink and purple. The reason this is bad is because not only does it turn away any male customers but it also is offensive to woman as they feel targeted instead of informed. A website selling perfumes and lotions targeted for women with a pink background is not a good idea. A clean professional look, with the proper information and details to support the product you are selling along with customer appreciation are all that a woman needs.

Branding Your Customers

What is Business Branding

Branding your business is simply giving the public and your customers an image of your company. By knowing how your company is perceived by the rest of the world, you can use your image to instill trust, loyalty, and stability within your customers. When you think of Lowe’s Home Improvement you should think of a hardware store that focuses on low prices. When you think of Home Depot you should think of a hardware store that focuses on customer service. Lowes customer base is more interested in finding low prices for their hardware and supplies while the Home Depot customer base is more interested in having help finding what they need for their projects.

Most of all companies have a logo and a slogan which is also part of their branding strategy. Typically a company will use their main theme in their slogan. Domino’s Pizza promotes themselves as the delivery experts while Papa John’s Pizza promotes themselves as the pricier Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. Again the conclusion is simple; the Domino’s customer base orders from Domino’s for a speedy delivery while Papa John’s customer base orders for the quality and taste. Business branding is a marketing strategy used to promote your companies goals which attract customers.

Your Branding Strategy

Choosing the right business branding strategy for your ecommerce home business will help in attracting customers that share a common need. Some people feel that providing great customer service is what they want to focus on. This is by far the most popular and attractive branding method used to this day. Then you have businesses that focus on providing the lowest prices possible. This also works very well, especially in a market with expensive name brand items. Taking care of your customers is very important because they are the source of your success. There will always be customers who want to find the best deal while there will be customers who will want help.

The Web Marketplace

Selling products on the internet is different than selling products in a brick and mortar store. There are still a lot of people who refuse to buy anything over the internet because of the inconvenience of waiting for the product to be shipped, payment methods, and the possibilities of fraud. The number of people becoming comfortable with buying products online is growing everyday and a lot of people are using the web to research products and prices before they go shopping.

The Informative Presell

The soul of the internet is information and this is what most people use the internet for. When consumers walk into department stores they already have something in mind they want to buy and they don’t need much if any information about the product. I have found that on the internet it is much better to provide good informative content about your products to make sales. The main reason people are online is that they are looking for information about the products they want to buy so it is important to provide everything you can about each and everyone of your products no matter how known or trivial they are.

Business Branding With Product Information

No matter what you choose, a good customer service policy or a low prices theme, you can use information to make sales. A good strategy I have seen is to use information as your companies branding strategy and combine the low prices and customer service themes. Set your store up to compare products with the information you provide for each product side by side. This is really useful to the customer who can then decide which one they want, the product that is cheaper or the product that is of better quality. This is the road that a lot of successful ecommerce businesses have taken because it provides a solution for each type of customer you may receive.


Having a targeted business branding strategy can eliminate any mystery your shoppers may feel when browsing your store. When you give your business a theme and show your customers your goals, they will be more willing to buy from you. Your business will have a direction and once you have established trust among your customers repeat sales will come. Your company will have morals to grow with and you can brand your customers into loyal buyers.

Your Standard Customer Service Compliance

Know Your Customers

Know what each of your customers want and need. Keep a database list of their purchases. Treat them very well; your customers are the key to your success. Assure to them that you will provide for their needs in a professional and timely manner.

Maintain Dependability and Stability

Dependability is essential; your customers want to be able to count on you to catch their mistakes. They also count on you to catch your own mistakes before it goes too far. Let’s say for example you are selling custom printed shirts and they want the text written “I Support Sinlge Moms!” If you notice the typo and contact your customer and ask if that is what they want written this will help ensure dependability.

Dealing with Mistakes and Problems

Never let your customer think that any of your other customers are more important. If you have two orders for an item when you only have one in stock, send the item to the more valued customer and contact the other and let them know that their was a mistake and that there will be a delay in shipping, then give them free shipping for their product.

Mistakes are going to happen and some orders are going to be put on the back burner for whatever reasons. Never just set and wait and hope that your customer does not notice the delay, contact them and let them know and apologize for any inconvenience. Never give excuses or blame on anyone, not even yourself. None of that matters and being professional means finding solutions to problems, not dwelling on the reasons the problem happen and whose fault it was.

Keeping Close with Customers

What I normally do when I contact my suppliers is I ask if my last orders have been shipped. If they have been, I would then call each of my customers and leave a message letting them know that they can expect their product soon because it has been sent out to them. This helps you catch problems that can arise between you and your suppliers.

Most companies just send out a standard “insert name here” email but I find that to be less personal. Calling your customers creates a closer relationship with them and lets them know that you appreciate their business and want them to come back. Your customers are going to assume that you have a lot more customers and orders than you probably really have and calling them lets them know that they are not just an order number.

Your customers are your repeat business and most of them will refer their friends, relatives, and colleagues to your store. Your marketing expenses should be spent more on keeping your current customers happy rather than finding new ones. This is the most important part of business because that is what business is all about, servicing your customers’ needs.