How An Attractive Backend Can Stimulate Growth

There is no need to waste time and money to locate new customers to increase sales. Your sales can be increased easily once you apply the tricks of backend marketing to your existing sales campaigns. Backend marketing, also known as suggestive selling, is simply trying to make another sale to a customer who just bought from you.

Once you have made a sale to your customer, they are more willing to hand you even more money because they have already made the decision to spend the money and buy your product. This means they already trust your services and you have a good relationship with them. You will not have to convince them that you are a credible company and your products and information are good.

This works really well if you try to suggest a product related to the one they just bought from you.  The key is to suggest something to them that is better than what they already bought and you can mark the price up and make even higher profits.

If you have ever shopped or looked around at you will notice they keep statistics of their customers. When you select a book you are interested in or want to buy, they will show you a list of books that other customers have bought when purchasing that specific book. You will notice that the book you are looking at buying is directly related to the books they are suggesting you check out.

Not only does this bring in extra sales at no extra cost, this can help make your customers feel like you are trying to meet their needs. A good strategy I have seen is to offer a small percentage off the regular price of the item they want to buy if they buy your even better suggested item.

This is what most successful ecommerce businesses use. To simplify it, they get their customer to pay a little bit of money earning their trust and delivering a good product. They then suggest their more expensive product for higher profits, earning a bigger revenue, all at no extra cost.

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