Marketing Strategies Defined For Women

If you sell anything online that a stereotypical woman would buy then chances are that seventy percent of your customers are either women or influenced by a woman. Women dominate shopping malls and retail outlets and the rate of woman becoming comfortable buying products online is growing. Most woman use the internet to find information about a product before they go to the mall with their friends.

Women need to be informed and feel like they have been informed before they will purchase anything. Adding a picture of a woman along side your content or around your products is not good enough. If a woman feels she has all the details and knows that your price is the best price around she is likely to make the purchase. Your website should have a sales page for each individual item explaining in detail about the item they are viewing, an article explaining the purpose of the item, images of the item in use, specifications, and any warranties the product may carry. Your thank you page should show appreciation and reassurance that you are ready to meet any needs your customers have. A good strategy to keep in touch with your customer service is to have small surveys and questions at the bottom of your thank you page asking about service and what could be better. Always get customers names, addresses, and email addresses. Keeping a customer database to promote too is not only one of the cheapest marketing strategies used today but it is essential to keeping in contact with customers and letting them know you appreciate their business and you want to them to come back. This will help ensure loyalty and trust in your company which will bring in more sales.

Some of the misconceptions businesses have about how to market to woman include using feminine colors like pink and purple. The reason this is bad is because not only does it turn away any male customers but it also is offensive to woman as they feel targeted instead of informed. A website selling perfumes and lotions targeted for women with a pink background is not a good idea. A clean professional look, with the proper information and details to support the product you are selling along with customer appreciation are all that a woman needs.

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